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New Address, Same Home! September 30, 2008

IceSixxx Official Website is now at

Come visit me there!


Uber NOT over!

Dear readers, fellow Uberites,

This is a good day! 😉

So, if you haven’t got to the homepage of Uber, let me spread the great news. is buying some more time to Uber to keep it online. At least for a month. That’s enough for us to show them (and others) how the Uber community is active and creative. Let’s show them that it would be a BIG mistake to let it shut down.

Think about all the amazing peoples here: the bloggers, the photographs, the fashionistas, the musicians and all the other funky ones! Hours of content to read, listen and watch.

Think about the awesome staff working at Uber: the Uber-programmers that give us the crazy creative platform to express ourselves, the supragalactic support team helping us when something goes wrong and all the others that work in shadow.

Together, let’s show we are the greatest Internet community using the greatest online tool for publishing.

Let’s make this month the most creative of the Uber life by posting tons of new quality materials.

We can save our digital home and still be an online family again!

If you’re not yet a member of the Uber community, come join us! You’ll find here the creative content with a best platform for blogging and publishing state-of-the-art platform that so easy to use that even your Grandma can do it! But you’ll also find the greatest support team to help you get started: they’ll respond to you faster than light-speed. You can also ask help to the rest of the community via the Expert Users Group (and of course I could help too, just ask). You could have a totally personalized site in a few hours! Did I mention that with this, you can host unlimited amount of digital media for free? You can! I mean pictures, music, videos in awesome quality and easy to serve to your readers!

And if you’re not a publisher, becoming a member allows you to communicate with the rest of the troop and interact in the thousands of funky websites hosted at Uber.

Just forget about MySpace, Blogger, DeviantArt, Facebook or whatever else dot com. Uber is the place to be, the cutting edge of the web!

So, I’m back and alive and new exclusive content will be posted this week: new music from IceSixxx and new content for the Uber Electronica group.

My big thank you goes to the wise peoples at Sharenow!

This is a very good day!

Ice 😉 wOOt!


Uber over! September 26, 2008

Dear readers,

Uber is over! The economy fucked it!

This news makes me so sad.

You were all a bunch of funky creative interesting and friendly peoples!!!

I’d like to thank first all the peoples that made Uber possible: your great work was a wonderful creative experience for all of us. You’ve created a so intuitive and rich interface for us to express ourselves. I just can believe it’s done and that there’s no plan to save Uber (yeah, I mean subscription. I’ve done the maths and, hum …). Your work made mine easier and fun to do. I wish you all the better success in your professional career and I have no doubt that with your knowledge and accomplished work, you will succeed! All my thoughts goes to you. Thank you very much.

Second, I’d like to thank all my Uber friends: we’d share some really awesome moments (think about the You Bring The Talent contest). It was always inspiring to read your posts, watch your photos and listen to your songs. You were a nice fanbase and I’ll miss you all. It’s like if all my online family vanished. I really hope to get in touch with all of you and to be able to keep following your work. Don’t forget to drop here ways to reach you. I’ve already noted the ones that made it and will contact them soon.

I’m going back to my old WordPress blog at and you can find me at the numerous site mentioned below.  I’ll keep getting an eye here in case of something incredible would resuscitate Uber (and I really hope so).

This was such an adventure! This is a sad sad day :´-(

Really looking forward to hear from you.

“This is the end,
My only friend, the end”
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Help me getting to the finals on ! September 24, 2008

Hi all!

I’ve just received an email from telling that my track “WinterSession” just entered the category! It’s actually ranked at the Quarter-Finals in the Club/Dance14th place (over 370 entries).
Now I need all your help to go to the Semi-Finals, meaning that the track have to be ranked on the Top Ten.
How could you help me? By entering the Judging part of OurStage, in the Club/Dance genre and by judging songs. You can’t just select my song and give it a vote because that’s not the way OurStage works (“to prevent gaming, and to give every artist a fair shot to be compared to every other artist”). By judging lots of songs, the ranking become more and more accurate according to your taste.

By clicking on this banner below, you’ll be lead to my tune (give it thumbs up!), then you just have to select “Judge” on the top menu, enter the Club/Dance category and let your taste decide. You have until the 28th of September to do so and the more you do, the better it is!

WinterSession, by IceSixxx on OurStage

The Semi-Finals begin the 28th of September and if I made it through it, I will need your help again to try to get me to the Number One position (which will bring me a 100$!) and enter me in the Finals. Finals are all categories N°1’s and the Grand Winner receives a cash prize of 5000$ (this would help me to purchase new musical gear, release a CD of MeKaNiKaLZ and, hum, pay some bills!)

I know I can count on you, you already proved it to me when I was contesting in the You Bring The Talent competition this last Winter.

Everything is possible, it’s up to you!

Cheers! Peace! Love!

IceSixxx 😉


IceSixxx – Das Machine: new music video! September 21, 2008

This is the third music video taken from the debut album MeKaNiKaLZ.

It’s called Das machine.  It has been directed by Chantal Oakes, a movie maker from England.  It’s some kind of road movie with an urban/industrial look and feel.



IceSixxx New Video: Pacman’s Revenge! July 28, 2008

IceSixxx – Pacman’s Revenge (Dir. Jacob Rendell)

The second music video taken from IceSixxx debut album MeKaNiKaLZ is Pacman’s Revenge, directed by Jacob Rendell, a Michigan, USA movie maker. It’s an incredible animation music video telling the story of the revenge of Pacman on the ghosts, 25 years after his creation (at last!). Talk about evolution. Incredible work done in CGI and hand-drawed pastels. A lot of work and research have been done by Jacob, a work that was almost obsessional for him. And what a result!

(c) 2008 – All rights reserved IceSixxx, Jacob Rendell, IceSixxx Deluxe.


IceSixxx First Music Video: Messiah !!! July 14, 2008

The first music video from IceSixxx debut album MeKaNiKaLZ is Messiah, directed by Mark Rigler, a UK movie maker. It’s a tale about time lapse, slow motion, typo animation, flowers and skull. There’s no narrative and it makes me think about electronica vids made in the 90’s. An amazing work!

All rights reserved (c) 2008 IceSixxx, Mark Rigler, IceSixxx Deluxe,